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Lisboa, Portugal.

Though it borders Spain, Portugal is a very, very different place. In Lisboa, you lose some of the European glamor readily available in Spain, and you trade it for fish markets and an abundance of marijuana dealers. I was offered weed in the market squares at least ten times in a single day (and declined all). It just wasn’t the right setting, ya know?

Barcelona, Madrid, and Sevilla.

Barcelona is this vast, busy city. The guys here wear jorts and the girls wear butt shorts and show their midriffs. Madrid is tidier and is a manageable size. It’s more of a weekend town. Sevilla is Spanish for “culture”, or at least it should be. Flamenco dancing and bull fights: both aggressive and entertaining for the first hour, but one is just kinda wrong.

Here were my options for the week of July 4th:

  1. Stay in Houston and study, then maybe take the night off on July 4th to relax at home while eating Boston Market.
  2. Go to San Francisco where she is, study during the day at coffee shops (aka Mint Mojito at Philz), eat good food at night with her, and take July 4th off to rent a car and drive it down to Santa Cruz & Capitola Beach, which includes a coastal scenic route, 75 degree weather, blue waters (not used to this in TX), and fireworks off the boardwalk.

It’s rare, but life has some easy decisions.

"North Carolina." When I see that I think of baby blue of course, Devil’s blue, maybe some bbq mixed in there, and firstly-but-stated-lastly, Diana. And so I went. We ate, we hiked, we laughed, we fought, but we were together.

The ups of long distance is that when you are within physical reach, it’s usually in a place where at least one of you is not familiar, and so there’s things to be discovered with another. There’s a novelty about reunions for two people who are separated by miles and time zones — that’s the consolation, the redeeming factor that makes it okay.

I was asked by an old friend to film her wedding in Baltimore. It was a lovely day with it’s fair share of funny moments coupled with touching ones (truly it was, even though you can’t really say otherwise). Very glad and honored to have been an integral part of keeping the memory of it fresh.

DC in B/W. Black suburbans, lots of tourists, and heightened security. Never expected anything less.

First thought: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Second thought: This place is unreal. Visiting the Greek islands Santorini and Mykonos was like walking through a postcard. Every sight was worthy, nothing was underwhelming. Too blue, too white, and too pure didn’t exist there.

My time in Israel and Egypt was short, very short. We barely managed to to get glimpses of places that have surprisingly survived after all these years. For the dudes who hauled rocks up the pyramid, this is way short of consolation, but you’d be happy to know your work is still standing today. Congrats, I think.

New Orleans, a truly unique place. Great food, questionable entertainment, historic, French, Southern, and gritty-beautiful. These images were taken in 2011 when my sister and dad were restless at home, so we decided to head 6 hours east for beignets, oysters, and gumbo.

The summer before college, I took a month-long trip to The East. From jungle to jungle, I started in Hong Kong and ended up in Malaysia, passing through the developing Xi’an, and sitting ten feet up in the air atop an elephant in Thailand.